Now Running WordPress with PHP 8

Just a short one, today, to announce with much fanfare that this here website is running on PHP 8.0, which was released a short while ago. A pain free upgrade. Your mileage will vary – lots of breaking changes happened in PHP 8.0, but over here, I keep things nice and light.

Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Since I made a post a number of years ago, half-jokingly referring to this, my personal blog, as the fastest website in the world, I’ve obviously invited an amount of scrutiny onto the performance of my own pages. I use this site to test bleeding edge things that clients – frankly – wouldn’t want to… Continue reading Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Dark Mode Initiated

This website is now dark mode by default. Not because of any particular reason, other than because I wanted to put a change in place… If you are looking at this in dark mode, leave a comment below, or ping me on Slack and say something fun! I’ve also been doing some performance enhancements… to… Continue reading Dark Mode Initiated

WooCommerce: All About the Web’s Most Popular eCommerce Software

WooCommerce logo

I’m a WooCommerce developer, and I write a lot of stuff… but I realised I haven’t written a lot about the software itself, so here’s a longread for you… this will go deep, and get deeper over time, but if you’re interested in eCommerce, and specifically Woo, then this post will provide a good deal… Continue reading WooCommerce: All About the Web’s Most Popular eCommerce Software