This about page is about this website, but also, as the website is named pretty much with my name, it is, to some degree, also about me.

I’m Robin J.E. Scott. I added the middle initials to clear up any confusion with a plethora of other Robin Scott’s living and dead, imagined or otherwise, who may exist out there. I say “I added the middle initials” but of course, the original inspiration for using these came from my parents, who gave me middle names beginning with these letters, so any credit I do take is purely vicarious.

So this is my website. I built it using WordPress, because I like WordPress, and have been working with it professionally since about 2004/05. Demonstrably, I have been running this WordPress profile for more than 10 years – since May 2007 – but before I created that profile, I was building business projects in WP for a few years as a lone wolf, or rebel without a profile.

I enjoy playing competitive sports, two of which I am reasonably good at. I found I was most readily able to capitalise on my physical characteristics as a fast bowler who could bat a bit in crickets and a goalkeeper in association football (or soccer). As I am approaching the middle of my third decade, however, my ability to practise these sports is diminishing, so I will probably occasionally comment on football or cricket from the sideline, not having participated.

This is my website, therefore, any opinions expressed within it, by me, are likely to have been held by me at the time of publication, though sometimes I have been known to also quote others, even when I do not agree with them. I will, also, allow people to express themselves in the comments section, including if I do not agree with them, though comments are moderated, and I don’t promise this will be done in an even handed way. As a human being, some days I am in a better mood than others, so I may delete comments I find, for whatever reason, disagreeable. I believe in democracy, but this is not a political system, this is my personal website.

In any case, if you got here, you are probably unduly interested in me, and consequently you should know that everything served up to you here was written with the precise intention of throwing you off whatever scent you believed you were following, Sherlock Holmes, and, because this is a website, I probably used some subliminal mind control to inject a special idea into your brain that you won’t be able to shake, you know, like the feeling that, despite trying to tell yourself otherwise all day long, the feeling that this Robin J.E. Scott guy just might be onto something; that you were wrong about Robin Scott, and actually, it would have been better not to pick some silly fight with him; or just that you think he’s a stand-up guy who you’d like to imagine living a highly successful life somewhere, even if you don’t get to see it or witness it first hand, you’re just happy to know that he is living that happy, relaxed, enjoyable life, the type of life which we would all love to enjoy.

Lorem ipsum,

Robin Scott