Now Running WordPress with PHP 8

Just a short one, today, to announce with much fanfare that this here website is running on PHP 8.0, which was released a short while ago. A pain free upgrade. Your mileage will vary – lots of breaking changes happened in PHP 8.0, but over here, I keep things nice and light.

Tuesday Tunes: Graeme Park @ 90s Fest

More music, this time some melodic house from the 1990s which was mixed by Graeme Park, at 90s Fest in Magna Sheffield a couple of years ago. Graeme Park was an early pioneer of house music, who played at the Hacienda in Manchester, and is now in his fourth decade of DJing.

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Ryan’s Toy Reviews Videos with no Ad Interruptions

A little bit of lockdown assistance to those who have small children around. Ryan’s Toy Reviews are popular videos, and I have noticed that if I embed videos, they don’t get those “Skip” video ads (that kids cannot skip!) popping up… therefore, for the purposes of anyone who would like, a playlist of Ryan’s Toy… Continue reading Ryan’s Toy Reviews Videos with no Ad Interruptions

Monday Music: Daft Punk; One More Time / Aerodynamic

Daft Punk today announced that they are hanging up their hats, after 28 years of making great, world changing music. So… one more time. Don’t stop the dance, yeah. Actually… just slap the whole thing on playlist and enjoy:

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UEFA Champions League Highlights 16 Feb 2021 – Round of 16

The Round of 16 for UEFA Champions League 2021 took place on Tuesday 16 February 2021, with some of the biggest names in European football facing off. Below are highlights from both first leg matches, Barca Vs PSG and RB Leipzig Vs Liverpool FC, in one fast loading, ad-free, page. Highlights are courtesy of UK’s… Continue reading UEFA Champions League Highlights 16 Feb 2021 – Round of 16

How to add Structured Data in WordPress

My SEO colleagues shorthand “Structured Data” to “schema” but as a developer, the word schema has a meaning… they mean: structured data. That’s the subject of this blog post: How to add structured data to your WordPress website – with or without WooCommerce – in order to get some Rich Snippets happening in… Continue reading How to add Structured Data in WordPress

Monday Music: Sub Focus x Wilkinson @ Corfe Castle, Dorset

I haven’t posted any music for a long long time, so here is about an hours worth of uplifting and extremely well mixed D&B from masters-of-the-art SUB FOCUS and WILKINSON. This impressive set had an outstanding backdrop as it was filmed in 2020 – the never-ending year – with no crowds and just smoke and… Continue reading Monday Music: Sub Focus x Wilkinson @ Corfe Castle, Dorset

Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Since I made a post a number of years ago, half-jokingly referring to this, my personal blog, as the fastest website in the world, I’ve obviously invited an amount of scrutiny onto the performance of my own pages. I use this site to test bleeding edge things that clients – frankly – wouldn’t want to… Continue reading Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Dark Mode Initiated

This website is now dark mode by default. Not because of any particular reason, other than because I wanted to put a change in place… If you are looking at this in dark mode, leave a comment below, or ping me on Slack and say something fun! I’ve also been doing some performance enhancements… to… Continue reading Dark Mode Initiated