Now Running WordPress with PHP 8

Just a short one, today, to announce with much fanfare that this here website is running on PHP 8.0, which was released a short while ago. A pain free upgrade. Your mileage will vary – lots of breaking changes happened in PHP 8.0, but over here, I keep things nice and light.

How to add Structured Data in WordPress

My SEO colleagues shorthand “Structured Data” to “schema” but as a developer, the word schema has a meaning… they mean: structured data. That’s the subject of this blog post: How to add structured data to your WordPress website – with or without WooCommerce – in order to get some Rich Snippets happening in… Continue reading How to add Structured Data in WordPress

Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Since I made a post a number of years ago, half-jokingly referring to this, my personal blog, as the fastest website in the world, I’ve obviously invited an amount of scrutiny onto the performance of my own pages. I use this site to test bleeding edge things that clients – frankly – wouldn’t want to… Continue reading Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

PHP 8 is Released!

Give thanks! For PHP 8.0.0 is here… released just 40 minutes ago, today, Thanksgiving Day. The official release notes are here.

Resolving Zoom error code 1132

I got a weird error with Zoom in the past week on a new PC – on which Zoom had been working fine, one moment, and then, failing with error code 1132.