Resolve WordPress “The site is experiencing technical difficulties.”

If you recently upgraded WordPress to version 5.2 you’ll maybe have seen there are a lot of new Health Check and technical goodies – particularly, there’s some disaster prevention elements in there. But, maybe you were unfortunate, and a plugin or theme update has shown you a new message, which says “The site is experiencing […]

Resolving Siteground CPU Issues

In the past couple of years, as well as overseeing medium and large business WordPress development at Silicon Dales, I’ve also kept my skills sharp working on over 330+ freelance projects of varying sizes. Often I’m contracted to consult or troubleshoot difficult situations, so I see a lot of common threads running through tasks, which […]

Should you run your eCommerce business on Amazon, Etsy or WooCommerce?

Amazon and Etsy are a great, low impact, place to dip your toe into the eCommerce waters, but if you have long term plans, running your own store will ultimately become more profitable and give you more flexibility. Here, I dig into what you might want to consider, around some key topics: