Which Generation Do You Belong To? Exploring Generational Characteristics

Generations are often defined by their unique experiences and the cultural, social, and economic environments that shaped their upbringing. Identifying which generation you belong to can help you understand the collective experiences that influence behaviors and attitudes across different age groups.

Generational Breakdown – Generations by Year

If you’re wondering “what are the generations?” you are not alone. The chart below breaks this down quickly. You can scroll down further for a very, very quick one sentence definition of each generation.

Here is a quick overview of the different generations and their corresponding birth years, helping you to identify which group you belong to:

GenerationBirth Years
Silent Generation1928-1945
Baby Boomers1946-1964
Generation X1965-1980
Millennials (Gen Y)1981-1996
Generation Z1997-2012
Generation Alpha2013-present
Generation Chart – the years and their Generation Name

Key Characteristics of Each Generation

These sweeping generalizations certainly won’t fit all members of the generation. But they are defining characteristics.

  • Silent Generation: Grew up during the Great Depression and World War II, known for their strong work ethic and discipline.
  • Baby Boomers: Known for their revolutionary spirit in the 1960s and 1970s, and are often associated with prosperity and growth.
  • Generation X: Often described as the first “latchkey kids”, they value independence and work to balance life and work.
  • Millennials: Tech-savvy and value flexibility and purpose in their work; came of age during economic fluctuations.
  • Generation Z: Digital natives who value authenticity and social justice, and are entering the workforce with new expectations.
  • Generation Alpha: The newest generation, growing up in a highly digital world, with technology integrated into their daily lives from an early age.


Understanding your generational identity can provide valuable insights into your personal and professional life, helping to bridge understanding between age groups. This awareness can foster better communication and collaboration in diverse environments.

What generation are you? Leave a comment, below. Do you follow the generational trend, or do you not conform? Perhaps you feel older or younger than the generation you happen to have been born in? Leave a public comment underneath this blog post.

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