WordPress Consultant

Use WordPress in a major site? Planning to add or increase your WordPress capabilities in a large context?

Whatever you are doing, if its WordPress, and its big, then I will very likely be able to provide guidance and leadership for your business decision makers. I’m a trusted WordPress consultant, with over 400 five star reviews – see some recent ones, below.

What can I help you with?

Many WP consultants will say that they are able to do all elements of your task, or that they are “full stack,” but what I tend to do is focus on what I am good at, which is, specifically, the following types of things:

  • WooCommerce Consultancy – I work with WooCommerce a lot, and helped to setup and am Technical Director for a WooExpert accredited business. See the relevant page for more on that.
  • WordPress Optimization – Making your WordPress website run faster. Speed optimization, not search optimization (though SEO is hugely benefitted by having a faster site).
  • Hosting consultancy – Businesses choosing or using a new WP host, or WordPress hosts themselves who would like to squeeze more performance out of clusters of many WordPress sites.
  • Complex site migrations – large WordPress installs moving to new hosting environments, multisite migrations (to/from multisite) and more.
  • WordPress development – full site builds (theme & plugin advice, custom development, and consultations about your current “stack” of theme, plugins, and host setup).

I tend to be…

  • Unbiased – I won’t pretend something is good or bad because of some affiliation or other.
  • Candid – I will be specific about an issue.
  • Clear – I will make my point in a way you can understand.

Check my ratings and recent reviews – see this page for the last 5 – most people comment that I am a good communicator, which means I listen to and understand your problem first, then I offer advice on the ways in which, technically, you may approach solving it.

Hire me for a WordPress Consultation

Use the button below to hire me for a consultation task (subject to availability):

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Contact me to discuss WordPress consultancy for yourself or your business.

If I am unable for any reason to work on your task, issue or project, I will always try to make a recommendation or onwards referral to something I genuinely recommend. Or, if I don’t know of any good resource for your particular question, I will tell you this. Please feel free to reach out.

Looking for WordPress Consultants (plural)

Want a WordPress consultancy with multiple consultants? Please talk to my colleagues at Silicon Dales who will be able to provide more cover for larger projects, plus other things you’ll likely need, like SEO and copy writing etc.

Product Information about Robin Scott

Wait… product information?! Well, yes. Below is some product info from my public booking links – which is to say Ratings from trusted third party marketplaces, where I’ve been hired to work on WordPress development projects.

My average rating is 4.97 out of 5 from 422 projects.

WordPress Consultant - Robin Scott

Hire Robin Scott to work on a WordPress project at Codeable.

Product Brand: Codeable

Product Currency: USD

Product Price: 150

Price Valid Until: 2022-12-31

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FAQs About Hiring a WordPress Consultant

How much should I pay a WordPress consultant?

It depends on many factors, but expect to pay a good WordPress consultant more than USD $60 per hour – and a senior consultant will be in the region of $150 per hour, perhaps more.

How many years experience do you have with WordPress?

I’ve been working with WordPress professionally since the first year it existed – and have been running this WordPress.org profile since May 2nd 2007 (which is 15 years).

About Robin Scott

I'm Robin Scott, a WordPress Consultant and WooCommerce expert developer who, along with three other people, runs a business called Silicon Dales Ltd remotely, from a base in the North of the UK. I enjoy using my talents for programming to track and interpret sporting, political or retail data - and therefore you'll see me posting some content in these spaces in this, my personal website. If you're interested to talk about leveraging this for your business (in sport, entertainment, retail, etc) please contact me.