WordPress Consultant

Use WordPress in a major site? Planning to add or increase your WordPress capabilities in a large context?

Whatever you are doing, if its WordPress, and its big, then I will very likely be able to provide guidance and leadership for your business decision makers.

What can I help you with?

Many WP consultants will say that they are able to do all elements of your task, or that they are “full stack,” but what I tend to do isĀ focus on what I am good at, which is, specifically, the following types of things:

  • WooCommerce Consultancy – I work with WooCommerce a lot, and helped to setup and am Technical Director for a WooExpert accredited business. See the relevant page for more on that.
  • WordPress Optimization – Making your WordPress website run faster. Speed optimization, not search optimization (though SEO is hugely benefitted by having a faster site).
  • Hosting consultancy – Businesses choosing or using a new WP host, or WordPress hosts themselves who would like to squeeze more performance out of clusters of many WordPress sites.
  • Complex site migrations – large WordPress installs moving to new hosting environments, multisite migrations (to/from multisite) and more.
  • WordPress development – full site builds (theme & plugin advice, custom development, and consultations about your current “stack” of theme, plugins, and host setup).

I tend to be…

  • Unbiased – I won’t pretend something is good or bad because of some affiliation or other.
  • Candid – I will be specific about an issue.
  • Clear – I will make my point in a way you can understand.

Check my ratings and recent reviews – see this page for the last 5 – most people comment that I am a good communicator, which means I listen to and understand your problem first, then I offer advice on the ways in which, technically, you may approach solving it.

Contact Me

Contact me to discuss WordPress consultancy for yourself or your business.

If I am unable for any reason to work on your task, issue or project, I will always try to make a recommendation or onwards referral to something I genuinely recommend. Or, if I don’t know of any good resource for your particular question, I will tell you this. Please feel free to reach out.