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Looking for a WooCommerce developer for a current or future store build project? Consider booking internationally recognised WooExpert developer, Robin Scott for your next eCommerce project.

As well as myself, because I’m very busy, if you scroll down, I’ll introduce you to some of the very best available anywhere, online, period!

Find 12 of the best WooCommerce devs, right here.

A WooCommerce Expert Developer

As a WordPress developer, I have specialised with WooCommerce for many years, mostly through Silicon Dales, the business I co-founded with my colleagues there.

This includes guiding Silicon Dales to being an internationally recognised – and officially accredited – WooExpert development business.

Recent Ratings & Reviews

In a personal context, I can be hired through the Codeable platform, exclusively. I don’t “deal direct” and I do not work on any other platform, owing to a lack of quality controls on most.

Codeable’s quality guarantee and ethos are in alignment with my own values and principles, therefore, all my consulting and develpment work is bookable only through their.

Below are recent reviews received, as well as a “Hire” button.

Ratings – Quick Stats

I have an average rating of 4.96 from 422 completed tasks.

WooCommerce Expert Developer

Hire Robin Scott, an expert WooCommerce developer, via Codeable's online platform - home to the top 2% of WordPress developers.

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Please note my availability is exceptionally limited, so I may make an onwards recommendation if your project doesn’t fit my current schedule.

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Click the button below to submit a task and hire me for your next project. If I can’t perform your task owing to time or other factors, I will be able to open your job out to a closed pool of other experts, who may be able to assist.

UPDATE – I’ve added a section below where I introduce you to some of my favourite WooCommerce developers. Click here to jump straight there.

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Got a large WooCommerce project?

If you have a larger, corporate, project, please contact Silicon Dales where I oversee larger build and optimize tasks.

Hire a WooCommerce Agency

Looking for an agency, or team, rather than an individual for your project? Visit the Silicon Dales link to discover more about the UK based WooCommerce agency which I helped to found. Serving English speaking clients in North America, Australia, New Zealand as well as Britain and Ireland, Silicon Dales are able to assist with WooCommerce tasks including a high degree of technical difficulty.

Find a WooCommerce Contractor

Do you know what you need, and you’re just looking for a contractor to carry out some tasks on your business WooCommerce project? Please feel free to contact me. As well as fulfilling contracts in my own right, I’m in touch with, and have a solid working relationship with many, if not all, of the best WooCommerce contractors out there. I can help you connect with the right person to carry out your task capably.

Below, I’ve listed out 11 other WooCommerce developers who may be able to help you – and directly linked to where they may be hired online:

Marcel Schmitz – WooCommerce Development

Marcel works with Nuno in Pluginslab, and are capable WooCommerce developers, great communicators and all-round nice people.

Marcel can work on most WooCommerce tasks, including complex subscriptions and/or bookings projects.

Hire Marcel here.

Panagiotis “Panos” Synetos – PHP Development

Panos has put together some great WordPress, WooCommerce and general PHP talks in his native Greek and in English. He’s an excellent developer. If you can hire him, do:

Hire Panos here.

Liam Bailey – Custom PHP / JS WooCommerce Development

Liam is a good, hard working, Scottish developer, with many years of experience who will be able to build you a custom plugin or feature for your WooCommerce store.

Please note Liam sadly passed away in 2020. He will be greatly missed by his friends and colleagues.

Mitko Kochkovski – Custom Plugins / Themes or REST API Work

Mitko is an all round WooCommerce developer, who has also built an Express Checkout for WooCommerce (check out the plugin here).

Hire Mitko here.

Shadi Manna – Progressus

Shadi works for Progressus, a WooExpert agency, like Silicon Dales. He can be trusted to work on WooCommerce development tasks of any degree of complexity.

Hire Shadi here

Josh Morley – Marketing & SEO

If it’s marketing and SEO assistance you’re looking for with your WooCommerce store, then give Josh of Marketing the Change a message.

Hire Josh Morley here.

Krasen Slavov – Front End Development

Krasen is a “front end” developer, which means he can get your theme and plugins looking great. User experience and building your visions into a nice looking reality.

Hire Krasen here.

Andrew Ryan – Front End / UX

Another developer who can help bring your vision to life, Andy Ryan is also a nice Aussie dude.

Hire Andrew here

Saad Iqbal – WPExperts

Saad is an entrepreneurial developer who leads a team of around 80 developers in Pakistan and Egypt. My go-to team for Arabic and right-to-left languages, chances are you saw one of Saad team’s plugins or services without noticing it. For example, he owns MyCred (and many other things).

Hire Saad & team here

Rafal Gicgier – API & Backend Development

Rafal is a Polish developer (note he has very strong English – having lived in UK) who is strong across all elements of backend development. If you need a custom API project done, hire Rafal.

Hire Rafal here.

Tom Morton – US Based for Full Builds

Tom Morton is based in Florida, USA, and can handle builds of all sizes from start to finish.

Hire Tom here

Freelance WooCommerce Developer

If you’re looking for a freelance WooCommerce developer, I am available to be booked – if I’m not available, I will be able to open your task for great developers (such as those mentioned above) hit the button below to post a preferred task for me:

Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is one of the most – if not the most – popular eCommerce softwares on the globe.

It is also GPL, which is to say you do not need to pay anyone a licence fee to use the software (or the WordPress software on which it runs) meaning you can run a WooCommerce store with only fixed costs being your hosting costs (and your development and maintenance costs).

For this reason, WooCommerce offers significantly fewer barriers to entry to small, medium and larger players looking to enter the eCommerce space. There are also a lot of developers out there who are experienced working with the platform. That does not necessarily make it “cheaper” but it does mean there is a ready pool of active developers who can make your vision a reality on the software.

Because it is open source, WooCommerce is extremely extendable – you can customize it to do almost anything you can imagine in terms of collecting payments online.

Convinced? Click here and hire me as your next WooCommerce developer today.

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