Get £50 to Switch to Eon Next

UPDATE – I don’t recommend this Eon Next account, nor any Eon account. If anyone from Eon visits this and wonders why, it’s because your customer service was quite awful when trying to change one minor detail on an account; it took over 5 years, and was never successfully achieved, wasting much time for several parties.

If you’re a British person (or business) looking to save a little money on your electricity bills, get a Smart Meter, pay using prepayment, and make sure all your energy comes from renewable sources, then eon Next might be the account you need.

Let’s be honest, after some recent carnage in the sector, eon Next might be an account you’re about to inherit, as several providers have been subsumed into Eon and… well you’ll maybe have an Eon Next account soon anyway (just a comment!)?!

Whatever the case may be, if you’re considering switching to the service, Eon Next is offering customers who refer each other £50 each for the process, so here’s a link to grab £50 off your electricty bills for your trouble:

Now, if you click the link, you’ll see this is MY refer a friend link. So yes, I’ll also get a reward if you use the link. This won’t change the cost of your electricity, nor will it do anything other than gaining you (and me) some free cash to spend on electricity bills in future.

If you have used Eon Next – or clicked my link and would like to make a public comment about the service, please feel free to leave a comment below, otherwise, here’s the link again:

How does this “Free £50” work?

  1. Step 1 – Switch to Eon Next.
  2. Step 2 – You will get £50 added to your account IF you sign up using this link
  3. Step 3 – Want another £50 off? Join the Refer a Friend scheme and do the same yourself.

FAQs about eon next Refer a Friend scheme

How does the E.ON Next Refer a Friend Scheme Work

If you’re an existing customer with E.ON Next for your electricity or gas then you can refer your friends and family to them through your online account.

When they sign up using your referral link then you will both receive £50 credit on your energy account.

How many people can I refer?

As many as you want to. E.ON Next says there is no limit!

When will I get my credit?

Your account will be credited with £50 as soon as the person you referred has made their first direct debit payment.

Are you allowed to refer people who are not “friends and family”?

You can add the link to your own website, or social media profile. Anyone who uses your link may be credited to you, assuming they sign up a new account and pay a direct debit.

Can I withdraw friends and family credit as cash?

No. This is specifically not possible. In the terms and conditions, E.ON Next are quite clear that this balance is only to be used to pay for your electricity, you cannot withdraw it in cash.

Why should I switch to E.ON Next (other than for a free £50!)?

E.ON Next gives 4 reasons they think you should join them:
1) Enjoy 100% renewable electricity at no extra cost.
2) It’s easy to switch
3) There are no exit fees if you later decide to leave
4) They are “dedicated energy specialists”.
Whether these reasons are compelling to you… you must do your own research. I like the green energy & find the meter and payment system is reasonably good.

Or visit this page to find out what the meaning of TBH is.

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