Payment cards for Children

Given your kids some cash for an ice cream only to be told “it’s contactless only”? Here’s the way round that – with pre-paid debit cards for kids from GoHenry. Not only that, you can personalise the card with their favourite characters.

The future of retail will be contactless payment; and children will need some method of making these payments too. Plus you can get the cards personalised…

Pocket Money – digitally

Give pocket money automatically using an app, in a way your kids can actually spend their money. Not only that, you’ll be able to see what they spent it on and put limits on.

Coolest cards in town

Check out these designs on offer:

Animal designs
Football designs
Biodegradable designs for the eco-conscious

There are 45 designs to choose from and the card is printed with the child’s name.


How old do children have to be to use GoHenry?


How do you put money on the card?

Link a parent debit card to a parent account, then transfer the money in a one-off, set tasks or pocket money. Alternatively, friends & family can send money to the child’s card using giftlinks.

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Please note, I am an affiliate of GoHenry, and if you sign up for one of these children’s cards using my link, above, I may be rewarded.

Got one of these cards for your children? Leave a message below. We’re ordering one of these for our eldest, and I’ll update this post – or add a detailed review and link to it from here – when we’ve had a bit more time with the GoHenry system.

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