Ryan’s Toy Reviews Videos with no Ad Interruptions

A little bit of lockdown assistance to those who have small children around. Ryan’s Toy Reviews are popular videos, and I have noticed that if I embed videos, they don’t get those “Skip” video ads (that kids cannot skip!) popping up… therefore, for the purposes of anyone who would like, a playlist of Ryan’s Toy… Continue reading Ryan’s Toy Reviews Videos with no Ad Interruptions

How to add Structured Data in WordPress

My SEO colleagues shorthand “Structured Data” to “schema” but as a developer, the word schema has a meaning… they mean: Schema.org structured data. That’s the subject of this blog post: How to add Schema.org structured data to your WordPress website – with or without WooCommerce – in order to get some Rich Snippets happening in… Continue reading How to add Structured Data in WordPress

Dark Mode Initiated

This website is now dark mode by default. Not because of any particular reason, other than because I wanted to put a change in place… If you are looking at this in dark mode, leave a comment below, or ping me on Slack and say something fun! I’ve also been doing some performance enhancements… to… Continue reading Dark Mode Initiated

Is Revolut in Trouble?

Revolut home page screenshot

Up until a few weeks ago, I was recommending Revolut and Revolut Business as good “challenger bank” accounts, owing to their fee-free and near-instant transactions, virtual cards, and a range of other services which made them a compelling financial technology. However, in recent weeks, I’ve had cause to slowly step away from the service, for… Continue reading Is Revolut in Trouble?

Best Savings Accounts in the UK

Updated May 2020. People professing to wisdom often opine “never a borrower nor lender be” but, while this was a witty phrase in Shakespeare’s Hamlet it is now 2020, and both options are common. Saving money, through a savings account from a bank or building society, is an interest bearing and low risk investment. If… Continue reading Best Savings Accounts in the UK

Happy New Year!

Tomorrow will be 2020. Happy New Year, world. If they don’t play this to see off the decade, then the DJ needs to give their head a little wobble to see if it’s still working. Happy Tuesday, too.

New Year’s Honours 2020 – Full List

Because the news reports are always slow to load – thanks to millions of advertisements – and the Gov.uk listing (when they don’t accidentally post everyone’s addresses!) are in a PDF, and therefore not great to load up in a mobile, last year I formatted the New Year’s Honours list for simple online publication. For… Continue reading New Year’s Honours 2020 – Full List