Derpy Toshi Coin Available on Uniswap

Did you miss out on the last 875 meme cryptocurrency pump’n’dumps?

Did Doge pass you by? Were you skeptical about Shiba Inu reaching the moon, only to watch it rocket off at full speed while your BTC basically crabbed sideways before dropping off a cliff edge last week?

Well, you can worry no more, because there’s a new dog barking it’s way towards space, as of today.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. And I was – very obviously – involved in the presale and have been air dropped a huge quantity of these tokens, so I am biased…

But if you have a smooth brain. If you are more ape than human. If you would like to throw some of your money at something silly. Then I can highly recommend taking a look at Derpy Toshi Coin as the next unlikely investment. Throw your money away while each of your eyes points in a slightly different direction, and your tongue lolls out of your mouth?!

Derpy Toshi Coin is the thing for you. Buy it while looking slightly unhinged, by exchanging ETH for it on Uniswap from a Metamask wallet… I know, this sounds complicated…

What to do next:

  • Here is the link to Uniswap
  • Here is the link to the new Derpy Toshi website with more useless information about why you probably shouldn’t board this rocket ship.
  • You will want to get a Metamask wallet, and transfer some ETH into it to buy your tokens – or use whatever your preferred solution to connect your funds to Uniswap.
  • Setup the Uniswap from ETH to DERPY using the above (which will load the token up in Uniswap). There aren’t likely liquidity pools for any pair other than ETH / DERPY right now – this token launched today.
  • At time of writing it’s like 180 million DERPY tokens for 1 ETH (remember you’ll need to pay gas). You could get 50 million DERPY for around $710 worth of ETH + gas (so let’s say $1,000 for argument’s sake).
  • Don’t forget, because this is a low-ish liquidity new currency pair, to set your “slippage” pretty high – to around 11% – in order to secure tokens.
  • Leave a comment below if you’re HODLing these useless tokens, too.

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT financial advice. And I was – very obviously – involved in the presale and have been air dropped a huge quantity of these tokens, so I am biased and completely financially interested in this coin’s value going higher and higher 🙂

Where Can You Track how much DERPY has been Swapped for ETH?

It’s already trading on the v2 Uniswap protocol (v3 has different liquidity pools) which is trackable right here. You can see the initial liquidity went in (around $200,000 worth) here, with around 37bn DERPY and 78 ETH.

The opening value was somewhere around 200 million DERPY for 1 ETH – but this will see green and red candles coming for any volume in the early stages.

More close up view is available on Dextools, here. As you can see below, the coin is forming a pattern we in the derpy business know as “inverted seagull”

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  1. Indeed useless but my pocket smiles silly. I am a whale here bro, my only investment. Soon it will be rebranded to its originality #ssb. Also queue in for the platform to be lunched any moment from now.


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