Are You the Robin Scott from BBC Look North who bought Welcome to Yorkshire?

I know this is a weird flex, but I am the same Robin Scott who was on BBC Look North (Yorkshire) on the evening of Monday 16 May 2022.

I’m posting this here in case you come looking for more details about what happened there.

Have a look at this microsite which describes the transaction; or visit our company website announcement, over here.

We’re working very, very hard on making a new, updated, website.

However, we know that tourism is seasonal, and there will be businesses out there who want to get a promotional push NOW, before the season proper beings.

If you’re a former or “current” member – someone who had or wanted a listing on the website – you may be interested in booking a new listing, or getting major edits made to one or more existing listings in We’ve brought along a page where you may book exactly this, to help everyone get ahead of the summer which, we hope, will see a resurgence of visitors to Yorkshire.

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