Derpy Toshi Coin Promo Video – Contest

There was a lot of expense spared in the production of the promotional video, below, which saw Tom Cruise‘s teaser trailer for the AFL final between the Chiefs and the Bengals get voiced over in what can only be described as a beautiful improvement.

There’s a slightly longer transcript, below. If you publish a better version, leave a comment at the bottom, and I will contact you and send you 100,000 $DERPY coins to the best version.

The transcript:

Derpy, satoshi's coin.
A coin that rewards hard work, sacrifice, dedication and skill.
A coin that challenges you to always get better, to never settle for second place.
Because coin army never root for the timid or the scared, or those who back away from challenge.
We root for the bold, the brave, the risk takers who will push through their limits to succeed.
Life is more fun when it comes with a little action.
Today, our team takes to the field.
We have personified what it takes to make it to the top.
Our team who have outlasted our opponents, outsmarted the experts and are prepared to prove once and for all, who is the best of the best.
Derpy Toshi, a coin coming off one of the most thrilling wins in crypto history with expectations as high as the sky and the talent to bring them to a second consecutive moonshot.
Standing in their way, 3 billion other coins, who have spent the past year proving their critics wrong.
These coins continue to shock the world. They are hungry. They're resilient. And they're determined to make this season, their season.
Coins, coming off heart-pounding wins, organisations on the edge of history, all committed to being the best of the best.
The stage is set.
It's Derpy Toshi against every other coin in a dogfight for the moonshot.
So let's kick the tyres and light the fires, because the time is now.

Right now, Tom is winning with his Derpy Toshi Coin teaser trailer.

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