Middle Initials are back!

I added the middle initials back into the title on this website, and also, I quietly went back onto Linkedin, using these same middle initials. There are just too many Robin Scott’s out there, so there is now a point of difference in the phrase with which I am able to Google myself. Obviously.

The same week as I’m adding Linkedin back into the mix, I am dropping Twitter, probably for good this time, as I don’t find the platform really useful. If anything, I often find even people I like Tweet (or RT) things which I find off topic, irrelevant and confusing at best… and at worst, I lose a little respect for people. I don’t want this insight into the personal lives of business and developer colleagues, really. Your food pics are great – but they aren’t for me.

More than anything, I find it’s a bit negative on Twitter, and I like to try to stay positive when I’m at my desk, as there are several other things I could be doing, if I’m not specifically working. I don’t think I’m missing much, based on the past year of almost exclusively following people I actually like; most of whom I have other channels of communication with.

Also, disclosure, I sold all my TWTR shares for a moderate loss in the past year. So no real point in boosting that with my 80 or so followers 🙂 Now, as for my remaining Facebook shares… well, actually, even I already quit FB, both as a shareholder and a user, quite some time ago. #trendsetter

2019 Update – I am back on Twitter (protected Tweets) and Facebook. Because social proof is a real thing. I needed to park across my name.

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