The number 17 Robin Scott

A little while back, I posted about adding my middle initials back into this site, and also into my Linkedin profile, in order to be searchable and present (as a distinct entity) from all the other many and various Robin Scotts out there, good, bad, political, Australian or otherwise.

Recently, along with several other(!) high quality sites, this blog has seen something of an increase in Google organic rankings, and this has led to me being once more highly ranked for my name.

I am officially the number 17 Robin Scott on the planet. Don’t get me confused with any of the others. Some are (or were) way more talented, and at least one is a criminal who lives confusingly close to the town I grew up in. None of those ones are me, okay 🙂

I wasn’t merely Googling myself every morning (“it keeps me centered” – Gavin Belson, Silicon Valley). Honest.

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