WordPress is now driving 30%+ of the web!

Just in today: WordPress now accounts for 30% of the web, as well as a dominant 60.2% of all websites which use any kind of Content Management System (CMS).

This is a high watermark for the world’s biggest CMS, and it comes at a time when there are some big important changes to the editor (Gutenburg) going into core which will, in my view, make it even more “sticky” (if this is possible!!).

It still gets referred to as a “blogging” platform, but, 30% of the entire web… well, that’s more than just blogs.

This is from a sample of the top 10 million sites.

The figure in green is percentage of sites which “use any CMS”

View the details here.

What does this mean?

Well, for WordPress webmasters it means: lots of developers with experience dealing with their software. This is a Good Thing.

For the Gnu Public License (GPL) it means great things, as WordPress is GPL and all WP derivatives therefore incorporate the license. Open Source means the software belongs to everyone and no-one. It means anyone can improve WordPress. It means everything is peer reviewed. Yes, this can mean rule by committee; but this is an open committee into which all ideas may be contributed. Complete freedom.

For developers, it means more clients and customers noticing what a great platform WordPress is. Therefore it means more customers and clients. It means their themes and plugins (if they are good, and well marketed) will have a bigger audience of potential customers.

In short, the more of the web WordPress covers, the better it is for all who work within the WordPress community and ecosystem.

It does, however, attract criticism. Criticism is to be welcomed. Particularly from friends. But there are those who would seek to tear down a thing because they view it as “competition”. These people will see 30% as a bull views a red rag. A target. Expect to continue to see plenty of “why WordPress suckzzzzz!!!!” posts continuing to pop up across the web, too.

That’s fine. Everyone has an opinion. WordPress does suck in several ways. But my word, read what I said above, everything can be improved. And Open Source does mean, if you think something “sucks” you literally can post an actual solution right now. Today. So really, if WP suckzzzzzz!!!! then. Its your fault 😉

But in all seriousness, WordPress is the absolutely dominant force as a CMS; and this year it is set to get even better.

To the moon!

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