A review of Codeable & More Codeable Reviews

I posted a really long review of Codeable over at Silicon Dales. It was so long, I’m publishing a post which links to it from here, just in case you missed it, and wanted to find out more about the WordPress outsourcing platform, Codeable.

If you’re also looking for codeable.io reviews, below I give a few of my personal experiences with the WordPress outsourcing platform.

If you’re interested in reading my full review, hit the link above, but as this post does get several visits to it from search (because this website is really, really fast, and well search engine optimized, thanks to my SEO guru, Jono, over at Silicon Dales), I’ve added a few thoughts below.

I’ve used Codeable on both the “buy” and “sell” sides, as a WordPress agency business owner and WordPress and WooCommerce expert developer and consultant.

My 1 sentence review of Codeable

I’ve found the Codeable platform is perhaps one of the best experiences available for hiring freelancers on both sides.

What makes it “one of the best”?

There are a few reasons for this:

  • Codeable discourages “competitive” bidding, and emphasise “expertise” (i.e. fitness for doing the task);
  • Codeable uses an escrow service which means contractors are paid very quickly and the person booking the task is not “ripped off” if things go wrong (payment only made when projects are marked complete);
  • they have a good customer service team who understands WordPress contracting (most of the people there are either contractor or agency background, so they had time “in the trenches”!);
  • There is a strong dispute resolution process;
  • The work room and ever-growing iterative rules for Codeable developers mean there is an industry leading emphasis on clear and accurate communication;
  • Codeable has a community of developers who will try to help even if they are not hired. This is exceptionally rare in the dog-eat-dog freelancer world. A rising tide really does raise all ships. A strong community of developers all trying to improve the overall experience prevents a “race to the bottom” and means that clients get an A1 service (note, this will impact the price – it will be cheaper, and less pleasant, in other freelancer platforms who emphasize price over quality… I can’t argue for cheap being better than right though!).

Where and how to get started

I’d recommend to start with a small task on your WordPress site – you’ll probably connect with a great dev who you’ll just keep hiring directly in future through the platform.

I am an affiliate – therefore biased to some degree

Please note, through my business, I am a Codeable affiliate, which means I may be paid a commission if you submit a task or become a developer there – but this does not change the fee structure (it incentivizes me to put accurate information in, and make sure the links point to the correct place, but I am putting my personal name onto this recommendation… I am willing to stake some of my personal reputation on Codeable being the best place to outsource WordPress development tasks to freelancers you will find… and I tried them all, believe me).

This means I am biased. Please understand that most reviews will contain bias, including those who had negative experiences.

Third Party Reviews

I’m sure you are worldly-wise enough to know that over tens of thousands of projects, there will be one or two unhappy situations. Read those reviews alongside the many happy reviews in Codeable contractor’s reviews lists.

People will rarely seek out a reviews site to leave a positive review. But they do, like this client, who has left a staggeringly good Trustpilot review, after hiring Orion K on Codeable.

Not many platforms will get such a well written, glowing, review. It’s nice to see it.

More Codeable Reviews

Below are some assorted links to good quality Codeable reviews from around the web:

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  1. Just added a link to the awesome review on TrustPilot that has been added in the past week or so… see the bottom of the post. It’s a belting appraisal of the platform, and also provides a little context for all online reviews. Can your customers advocate on your behalf like this? The bar just got raised.


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