PageSpeed Insights Showing Slow Loading Times for your Website?

Is Google’s PageSpeed Insights showing low scores or slow loading times for your website?

You’re probably wondering what you can do about this. Well, fear not, all of your issues have been resolved before.

But, if you want to resolve all the speed issues in your site, be prepared to make changes.

Loyalty to Slow Hosts is Misplaced

For example, do not be “loyal” to your web host. I look at a lot of slow websites, and very very often, the web host is responsible to a lesser or greater extent to why the website is slow. Be prepared to migrate to a new host.

In fact, migrate now if you aren’t using a host like:

Other hosts may be fast, but the above tend to provide optimal stacks out of the box. If you’re running on one of these hosts, then you should probably move to your code…

It could be your code

If it’s your code, you probably want a developer to check this over. Click here to hire me today.

Better yet, ask me to speed up your website using my dedicated form.

Why Should you trust me?

Well, because Google will tell you I have the Fastest Website in the World. I also will help you to get every page on your site loading in under 1 second.

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Test My Site Yourself

Before you talk to me, why not test my site in Google PageSpeed Insights, and see what it scores… click here for a live test (opens in a new tab).

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