WordPress SEO Services

Looking for someone to search engine optimize your WordPress based business website?

This post here, in my personal website, is here to show you where you can purchase solid SEO services, which will allow your website to rank like mine does: on the first page for high competition search phrases.

Evidence is right here!

Evidence? My website is number one (may vary regionally – but should on Google, for the 2 word search phrase “fastest website“. As a WordPress developer and WooCommerce consultant, I’m also ranked on page one.

Number one in Google Organic search results (incognito) for “Fastest Website” – the site also wins the “snippet” at the top, and includes my featured image for higher CTR. Try the search yourself – number one out of 567,000,000 results. Proof of concept.

How this is done

How? Along with several colleagues, I run a WordPress based agency, at Silicon Dales. Over there, we have put together a great optimization package, both for your site speed (which I head up) and for SEO (which is headed by Jono Farrington).

I’ll make your website load very fast. Jono will make sure your site has the correct content, structure, page layout, copy, headings, schema.org structured data, inbound links, and more, in order to stay ahead of your competition… in the organic search rankings.

Increase Your Speed

SEO in 2019 includes many disciplines, one of which is speed. Our comprehensive service includes speeding up your WordPress website, to blazing speed, ensuring you run correctly formatted Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) (I work on the open source AMP project a lot… find the content in this here blog!).

Improve your Rankings… over time

It’s a science, not an art. Using our data driven approach, you’ll see your organic rankings improve over time. Soon, you’ll be able to hit your most competitive targets – but note, in order to hit the really tough stuff, you’ll usually need to engage in a multiple month SEO campaign. It’s not a quick fix – indeed, SEO is probably the longest of long games. If you want to pour in money and get our instant traffic… that’s what ad buying is for.

We like longer term projects the most. But, that isn’t to say we can’t make quick wins, too. We can.

Okay – Where Do I Sign?

Find out more about WordPress SEO Services, over at the Silicon Dales website, here.

If you’ve got questions, or would like to consult me directly, please contact me, or hire me for a consultation, at the relevant pages in this site.

Good luck getting the ranking your business deserves!

About Robin Scott

I'm Robin Scott, a WordPress Consultant and WooCommerce expert developer who, along with three other people, runs a business called Silicon Dales Ltd remotely, from a base in the North of the UK. I enjoy using my talents for programming to track and interpret sporting, political or retail data - and therefore you'll see me posting some content in these spaces in this, my personal website. If you're interested to talk about leveraging this for your business (in sport, entertainment, retail, etc) please contact me.

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