WooCommerce: All About the Web’s Most Popular eCommerce Software

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I’m a WooCommerce developer, and I write a lot of stuff… but I realised I haven’t written a lot about the software itself, so here’s a longread for you… this will go deep, and get deeper over time, but if you’re interested in eCommerce, and specifically Woo, then this post will provide a good deal… Continue reading WooCommerce: All About the Web’s Most Popular eCommerce Software

How to Setup a WooCommerce store with Wholesale prices

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This is something which is a somewhat common request, particularly with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other serious businesses, who are increasingly turning to WordPress & WooCommerce as their enterprise-grade software solution, owing to it’s lack of vendor lock-in and flexibility.

WooCommerce 3.5.7 released

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The latest release of WooCommerce – version 3.5.7 – is now out. It’s a security release. Get updated ASAP! Details are here. If you’re looking for some bespoke WooCommerce development, or a Woo consultation, I’ve pages on that. Check out the links I just posted.

The Fastest Website in the World

Since a lot of people out there land on my personal website looking for help and assistance making really really fast websites, which rank well in Google, often I’m asked questions about how to make fast sites. I’ve updated this a little in 2021, since it was originally posted – including a variety of theme… Continue reading The Fastest Website in the World