Mark Ronson – The Bike Song

Mark Ronson - thumbnail from The Bike Song video

Posting a video here in order to configure AMP for WordPress to work correctly with YouTube Embeds. If you haven’t put AMP on your WordPress website yet, its certainly worth a look. Making your site load fast on mobile is important. 

A review of Codeable & More Codeable Reviews

I posted a really long review of Codeable over at Silicon Dales. It was so long, I’m publishing a post which links to it from here, just in case you missed it, and wanted to find out more about the WordPress outsourcing platform, Codeable. If you’re also looking for reviews, below I give a few… Continue reading A review of Codeable & More Codeable Reviews

Changing habits in online shopping – smart homes, IoT & automated shopping

In the past. The oldendays. You know, that bricks and mortar world in which the corporeal and the incorporeal were much less, well, combined, we would do things like create lists, and go to the shops to buy the things on those lists.