If you’re beginning your Tweet with “33/ …” you probably should have blogged it…

I was thinking about making this blog post in fewer than 140 characters in order to create some kind of pithy ironic platform abuse point, but no, I can’t be bothered. The luxury of not being curtailed by character limit is just too good to pass up.

More and more, I’m seeing long threads on Twitter. They aren’t threads, really, more people droning on and on to themselves, unable to stay within the character limit. I even saw one the other day which began something along the lines of

“I don’t want to bore you, so I’ll be brief. 1/9”

Well, blow me over with a feather if that isn’t the best piece of pre-planned self-conversing on the 2017 internet.

I saw one this morning in a thread which truly took the cake, which was something like:

“24/ FINAL POINT blah blah blah”

The thread did, alas, continue and there is a Tweet which begins “33/ …” and lead me to post this.

If you’re posting a Tweet which begins “33/ …” maybe you should have written a blog post, and tweeted a link. Or, better yet, a dissertation. Or, even better, perhaps distilled your thoughts into a lucid yet short statement and – maybe, just maybe – exercised some self control.

Even POTUS can be pithy and quick. So step up your game. Stop the platform abuse. Be concise. And stop threading your Tweets. Its dull af.

[bctt tweet=”Even POTUS can be pithy & quick. Step up. End platform abuse. Stop threading Tweets.”]

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