Let’s discuss about it!

More spam from Steve Blackmon arrived today. Delightful. If you got a similar message to this, it is 100% spam.

Hi there,
After spending some time on [WEBSITE] and have an idea that you could implement quickly that would help increase your natural traffic, ranking, social media & conversion rates.

Feel free to say no, but allow me to ask, is increasing the above something you’re interested in ?

Best Regards,

Steve Blackmon.
(240) 489-2269

This message came from blackforest450 at Google’s free email service. Leave a comment below if you received similar spam.

There is no purpose or moral to this story though. Just I have been contacted before by Steve. Here, here and here to be precise. I don’t know how he got my email address – nor do I care – but I do care about being spammed.