Let’s discuss about it!

More spam from Steve Blackmon arrived today. Delightful. If you got a similar message to this, it is 100% spam.

SIDEBAR – interestingly, people actually looking up the phrase “discuss about it” are landing here, I think looking for grammatical advice. Those people, “let’s discuss about it!” is (basically) “wrong” grammatically speaking, because “discuss” itself means to talk about something, rendering the word “about” in this phrase redundant. “Let’s discuss it!” would be sufficient. Don’t Repeat Yourself. DRY.

In any case, the spam had this grammatically incorrect title is copied in below. Because I for some reason decided to publish these here spams… perhaps because they get past my spam filter.

Hi there,
After spending some time on [WEBSITE] and have an idea that you could implement quickly that would help increase your natural traffic, ranking, social media & conversion rates.

Feel free to say no, but allow me to ask, is increasing the above something you’re interested in ?

Best Regards,

Steve Blackmon.
(240) 489-2269

This message came from blackforest450 at Google’s free email service. Leave a comment below if you received similar spam.

There is no purpose or moral to this story though. Just I have been contacted before by Steve. Here, here and here to be precise. I don’t know how he got my email address – nor do I care – but I do care about being spammed.

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