Sacha Baron Cohen’s ADL Speech in Full

Sacha Baron Cohen spoke eloquently at the Anti-Defamation League awards, and has caused something of a stir, as he called out social media, and levelled a lot of significant criticism at Mark Zuckerberg, the Facebook CEO.

Middle Initials are back!

I added the middle initials back into the title on this website, and also, I quietly went back onto Linkedin, using these same middle initials. There are just too many Robin Scott’s out there, so there is now a point of difference in the phrase with which I am able to Google myself. Obviously.

I deleted my Twitter

Twitter logo

In case you missed it – and really, you should have – this week I deleted my Twitter account for what may be the final time, ending my micro-blogging experience altogether. Its probably not for me. That said, in order to avoid people reposting as me or otherwise taking my name, I have re-opened the… Continue reading I deleted my Twitter