Steve Blackmon had a “Quick look on your website”

So Steve Blackmon got in touch again today, this time from a new gmail address, this time he said:

(08.05.2018) Quick look on your website.
Dear Owner,

I was on your [WEBSITE].

No matter how good your web-site is, it can always be better.

What I think, there are a few things we could implement within very few second that would help boost your Google rankings, conversion, natural traffic, and SOCIAL MEDIA.

Is this of attention?

We are also into website design, development and can redesign your website.

Steve Blackmon,
(240) 489-2269

Searching for the phone number reveals it to have been used in many an SEO spampaign over the years, so I’m posting it here as this is the second time Steve Blackmon has been in touch with me. Actually, he hit a generic honeypot email scraped from one of my websites, but publishing this is basically just for anyone else out there who received this and went searching around about this stuff.

This phone number has also been variously associated with such SEO luminaries as: Brian Sowton, Ginny Pierce, Jennifer Hageman, Daniel Hayden and the aforementioned Steve Blackmon.

Don’t reply to anyone who emails you out of the blue offering any form of services would be a good idea.

2 thoughts on “Steve Blackmon had a “Quick look on your website””

  1. August 2, 2018, I received this email:

    Dear Owner,

    I was on

    What I think, there are a few things you could implement pretty quickly that would help boost your Google rankings, natural traffic, conversion.

    Major part Enhancing social presence (Enhance Facebook likes, Speed up twitter followers, YouTube viewers, Followers over Google plus.

    Is this of interest?

    Steve Blackmon
    (240) 489-2269

    • Yeah that sounds like Steve 🙂 I post these so there’s a record out there indexed that shows people its not worth responding to.


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