Drake & Future – Life as eCommerce Developers

Working on the weekend, like usual

Way off in the deep end, like usual


Drake is right – I work most weekends. Saturday mornings are often a very quiet time for eCommerce stores… think about it, do you shop online very early on a Saturday morning? Not often. That’s when we migrate stores around.

Haven’t done my taxes, I’m too turnt up


Drake obviously knew the UK Self Assessment deadline was coming up for digital filing, as well. HMRC don’t want to know about how turnt up we are, though. We file those within moments of the deadline.

…. Woo!


Future’s bit… well, he ends every sentence with “Woo“… he knows the score, too, clearly.

If you watch carefully, you’ll see Drake and Future unplugging a cable from a network switch on a server rack during the video [link to this part].

They are singing about life as an eCommerce developer [ignore the bits about mansions and chandeliers, obviously, also Percocets etc… actually, now I think about it… maybe not].

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