Complete 2019 New Year’s Honours List

The 2019 New Year’s Honours List was published today, on 29 December 2019, and in case you wanted to see the full list, without it being in a PDF, I’ve published it below – minus all the ads and other slowness that mainstream news media will surround their honours list content with.

Navigating the Complete List:

This list is complete and searchable – for example, if you are on a desktop or laptop computer, hit CTRL + F and then type in a county or city (say “North Yorkshire” or “London”) or a surname (like “Wilkinson”) and you can then flip through the relevant items. Alternatively, there’s a table of contents so you can jump to the main sections of honours.

I was able to post this really quickly for the benefit of the world because I have the best broadband in Britain.

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New Year’s Honours 2020 – Full List

Because the news reports are always slow to load – thanks to millions of advertisements – and the listing (when they don’t accidentally post everyone’s addresses!) are in a PDF, and therefore not great to load up in a mobile, last year I formatted the New Year’s Honours list for simple online publication.

For 2020, the same, see below.

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South Africa v England Cricket – 3rd Test Highlights

Since I’m enjoying the England cricket tour of South Africa, I decided to put together a collection of the highlights from the Third Test which is taking place in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, with the series poised at 1-1.

These highlights come from the official source in the UK, Sky Sports’ official YouTube channel.

I’ve collected the highlights from each day, and added some brief commentary to remember some context.

Any ads are from YouTube / Sky Sports. I don’t profit from posting these here, other than as a fan of sport, being able to reflect on a full test match all in one, very fast loading, mobile-friendly, web page, that I publish here on my personal site.

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South Africa v England Cricket Highlights – 4th Test

The fourth and final test match of England’s tour of South Africa came along with England leading the series 2-1.

Having come from behind in the series thanks to impressive wins in the second and third test matches, England are looking to maintain their lead, while South Africa need a positive result to tie the series.

Highlights for each day of this potentially decisive test match are below, courtesy of the UK’s Sky Sports, who make their official highlights embeddable. I put them together, with some added context. I don’t publish scoresheets or anything else here. I imagine you could find those elsewhere 🙂

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