AMP Stories are now Web Stories… and they’re pretty cool

I know, right. I don’t say things like “pretty cool” but AMP stories are now called Web Stories, have a WordPress plugin, are officially supported by Google, and feature a simple drag-and-drop interface to allow you to create mobile friendly content which looks like this:

The above utilises a dedicated Gutenberg block to embed a web story in a post. Now, if you’re viewing this content on a mobile or tablet, click here to view the Web Story directly.

This actually is pretty cool.

Web Stories allow you to create “slideshow like” content, which mix (for example) animated gifs, videos, your own annotations, buttons, and etc.

Think of a web story as a standards-compliant slider, which works really well on a handheld device, and you’ll be close.

But think more than this – think of a slider, which ranks in search, directly, and can help you to tell… well, a story.

Heads up, marketers of WordPress, you just got a really solid new tool.

View web stories for WordPress on the dedicated website, here. Install the plugin here and have a play.

Leave a comment below if you like, dislike, or otherwise have something to say about Web Stories.

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