Barclays Error Code RP002

If you attempt to change your mobile phone handset, and keep the same number – a very common operation in 2020 – you may find you have difficultly accessing your Barclays Banking app in your new device.

The process Barclays initiates to resolve this issue – which carries error code RP002 – is quite protracted. Eventually, after removing the device from the app on your old phone, you’ll still find things don’t work, at which point, error code RP002 pops up, asking you to telephone Barclays.

When you telephone, Barclays recommends you enter the error code into a web browser. Don’t hang up. This error code cannot be resolved on the internet. You need to stay on the phone line and go through the process with them.

Analog process for the digital world. Perhaps Barclays needs a digital eagle to help them out?!?! 😉

In any case, if you have that error, telephone Barclays App help number, and staying on the line is the only way to resolve it.

By Robin Scott

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  1. Ridiculous app, who intended this app,,,, no comments. Well done to capital one, aqua, vanquish. Very easy to manage the app. Shame on barclays app. Never worked properly.

  2. Thanks for the article – currently being on hold to solve this same error for over 30 min – ridicolous !!! They better resolve this!

  3. It is crazy and Barclays have got this just so wrong, I used to have on my iPhone and iPad, got a new iPhone and getting it on there was hard enough, then that knocked out my iPad and now you phone them and have to wait over an hour, I have better things to do with my time…

  4. haha currently on hold for 45 minutes trying to resolve this very issue. 45 minutes..which I presume I am paying for? This is the 1st time i had issue with barclay mobile banking. I just changed my phone, not the number. Major issue!


  6. This app is just shite – this also happens if you have to reset your phone. I cannot believe they have made this so difficult. I have accounts with Bank of America and other banks. Have never seen anything so difficult.

  7. I was about to write a blog rant about the Barclays RP002 error but since your article already exists I won’t and I’ll rattle out a rant here instead.

    I’ve been hit by RP002 3 times. My experience of this error is that it occurs when Barclays gets themselves into the state where you have previously registered their app with a Barclays bank account and a mobile phone number on a device but then not de-registered that device before attempting to register with their app again.

    Scenarios where this can happen are with a new device on the same mobile phone number, perhaps because you now have a brand new mobile phone or with the same device you originally had the Barclays app installed on and working, perhaps because you have had to factory reset the device for some reason.

    The options that Barclays offer for this error are:
    1) Unregister the offending device registration using some other device where you have their app installed and working. This option is impossible when you only have one mobile phone and one mobile phone number.
    2) Register their app using another mobile phone number. This option is impossible when you only have one mobile phone number.
    3) Call them to enable their technical support team to remove the offending device registration.

    In reality option 3) will be the only possible option for many people and option 3) can take hours. When you call Barclays customer support, in some cases you will end up talking to somebody who is unable to perform this action themselves and that person is then nothing more than a conduit to one of their colleagues in technical support who has the ability to remove the device registration.

    For some people, removal of the old device registration which makes the RP002 error go away and which then enables app registration to work will not be the end of the saga: If you have more than one Barclays bank account i.e. a joint account with a partner and a personal savings account, Barclays currently have a platform design which requires these accounts to be “merged” so that all accounts are visible and manageable in their app. Merging accounts is an action that needs to be performed either in branch or via a Barclays team that is able to do it i.e. technical support. Every time the RP002 error occurs, Barclays also manage to “forget” any merge action that has been previously performed on accounts. In my experience after being hit by this 3 times, nobody in Barclays immediately knows how to perform account merging because their systems are a labyrinth mess that cannot be navigated.

    Some very wrong decisions have been made at Barclays when they designed their app and relations between account records.

    1. This has been my experience – and the reason for posting this (while I was on hold) – because on hold it says “search online for the error code” which… well it does not resolve the issue at all. The only person who can do that is at the end of a very long telephone call. Considering this will likely happen to every app user, whenever they get a new smartphone, this is a very very poor experience, and no doubt is costing plenty of call time on a daily basis.

  8. Same issue. New phone. Tried everything to install new app and then to resolve error code RP002.
    Spent hours on this. Can’t be bothered to ring for hours.
    Barclays systems are rubbish including banking online. Links don’t work and mortgage info poor.

  9. I had the Barlays app on my phone which developed a fault and had to be reset to the manufacturers settings. I suppose I should have removed the app before resetting the phone but did not realised you had to do this at the time unfortunately.
    Whenever I tried to reinstall the app it says this app is already installed and registered with your phone and gives me the RP002 fault code and gives me a number to telephone them on. Spent half an hour waiting to be connected and then gave up.
    Went into my local branch and the young lady spent 30 minutes trying to register the app on my phone and then said she would need to phone somebody too try and sort it out. I could not wait any longer so I said let’s just leave it. I did manage to register the app on my spare phone which is rather inconvenient when I need to use the app.
    I was able to re-register 5 other banking apps without any problems whatsoever just the Barclays app which won’t work because it says you’re already registered on this phone of but of course I’m not anymore.

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