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Barclays Error Code RP002

If you attempt to change your mobile phone handset, and keep the same number – a very common operation in 2020 – you may find you have difficultly accessing your Barclays Banking app in your new device.

The process Barclays initiates to resolve this issue – which carries error code RP002 – is quite protracted. Eventually, after removing the device from the app on your old phone, you’ll still find things don’t work, at which point, error code RP002 pops up, asking you to telephone Barclays.

When you telephone, Barclays recommends you enter the error code into a web browser. Don’t hang up. This error code cannot be resolved on the internet. You need to stay on the phone line and go through the process with them.

Analog process for the digital world. Perhaps Barclays needs a digital eagle to help them out?!?! 😉

In any case, if you have that error, telephone Barclays App help number, and staying on the line is the only way to resolve it.

By Robin Scott

I'm Robin Scott, a WordPress and WooCommerce expert who, along with three other people, runs a business called Silicon Dales Ltd remotely, from a base in the North West of the UK (kind of near Manchester!). I enjoy using my talents for programming to track and interpret sporting, political or retail data - and therefore you'll see me posting some content in these spaces in this, my personal website. If you're interested to talk about leveraging this for your business (in sport, entertainment, retail, etc) please contact me.

2 replies on “Barclays Error Code RP002”

Ridiculous app, who intended this app,,,, no comments. Well done to capital one, aqua, vanquish. Very easy to manage the app. Shame on barclays app. Never worked properly.

Thanks for the article – currently being on hold to solve this same error for over 30 min – ridicolous !!! They better resolve this!

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