WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting – Prices Drop

WP Engine just sent around an email to let me know their prices are about to drop – for one account, an actual dollar $ decrease, and for the others, more allowance on the same plans!

As well as adding support for PHP 7.3 in the past year, and getting to grips with some performance issues which had been a legacy of their early adopter status, WP Engine has, with these price changes, pushed their way back towards the top of the managed WordPress hosting pile.

In particular, they started hosting on Google Cloud Platform, and switched to Compute-Optimized Virtual Machines (VM) (C2), in order to access better performance. This isn’t all they did, but it did help sites hosted there to speed up.

As someone running the fastest site in the World( 😉 !), I can tell you, WP Engine is a solid choice for hosting.

When Prices will Change

NOTE: these changes won’t kick in until 22 January 2020. If you’re considering moving hosting in the next week or so to WP Engine, bear this in mind! But your billing will decrease from this point if you are on a monthly plan – in the ways described below.

Price & Plan Changes Coming

The following changes are going to be happening from that 22 Jan date:

  • Startup Plan: Price reducing from $35/mo to $30/mo (or $350/yr to $300/yr for annual plans).
  • Growth Plan: Price remains the same at $115/mo with an increased amount of included sites. The Growth plan will now include 10 sites versus 5.
  • Scale Plan: Price remains the same at $290/mo with an increased amount of included sites. The Scale plan will now include 30 sites versus 15.
  • NOTE: On January 22nd, all current customers on Startup Plans will be converted to the new price on their monthly or annual billing renewal date, and new customers will receive the pricing and entitlements described above.

Pricing Table

In case you’d like to compare the plans, I’ve made this helpful pricing table — because I can do that here, using WordPress and the Gutenberg editor. Eating the dogfood and whatnot.

NOTE if you use my link, at the bottom, you’ll get a discount added as well. Cashback.

Monthly Price$35 $30$115$290
Annual Price$300$1150$2900
Visits per Month25,000100,000400,000
Local Storage10GB20GB30GB
Bandwidth per Month50GB200GB400GB
Sites Included15 1015 30
Genesis FrameworkGenesis FrameworkGenesis Framework
35+ StudioPress Themes35+ StudioPress Themes35+ StudioPress Themes
24/7 chat support24/7 chat support24/7 chat support
Dev/Stage/Prod EnvironmentsDev/Stage/Prod EnvironmentsDev/Stage/Prod Environments
Transferable SitesTransferable SitesTransferable Sites
PHP 7.3 readyPHP 7.3 readyPHP 7.3 ready
Global CDNGlobal CDNGlobal CDN
Page PerformancePage PerformancePage Performance
Automated SSL certificatesAutomated SSL certificatesAutomated SSL certificates
SSH GatewaySSH GatewaySSH Gateway
24/7 phone support24/7 phone support
Imported SSL certificatesImported SSL certificates

A Note on Affiliate Links

Please note that the table above contains my “affiliate” or referral link – this means I may be paid a commission if you click the link and signup an account with WP Engine. This is the reason they told me about their forthcoming price drop, and it’s why I posted that here. You found this content, and I’d like it if you clicked on my link to support my effort in maintaining this site. You don’t have to use my link, but it would make me happy if you did 🙂 it should also make you happy, too, because there’s a WP Engine coupon code embedded in there to offer you a special discount. 🙂 🙂 win win.

Do I Use WP Engine?

I have many happy clients who use WP Engine. For hosting a standard WordPress site, they are one of the best hosts around. For more complex, larger, and eCommerce stores, like WooCommerce, which are my forte, I tend to find there’s more value with alternative hosting – but the majority of sites will work really well on WP Engine.

In particular, managed hosting means you can focus your efforts on running your business, not on the technical elements. Those technical things are often my job to maintain, so it’s less of an issue for me: I buy bare metal servers, or use cloud based instances to host my own projects (i.e. I do my own hosting management).

If you think management and support would help you, WP Engine is a great choice. If you are more technical – and you actively want to do some WordPress maintenance and/or sysadmin work, then perhaps not.

Click here to visit WP Engine.

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