Twenty Twenty Two-Theme Performance Issues

I’ve been playing with the Twenty Twenty-Two theme, as I like to run the most recent theme release on WordPress, in order to demonstrate how those running a default setup can still have very performant websites.

The theme will be shipping with WordPress version 5.9, and will be a huge leap forwards for Gutenberg editor, and allow, for the first time, out-of-the-box full page editing.

At present, this is a complicated release, for the above reasons, and therefore, it’s tricky to get started with optimizations.

But I’ll be updating this post once the theme is close to release to advise on how to maximize performance of the Twenty Twenty-Two theme when it’s ready to go into WP sites… so watch this space… this exact blog post will be dedicated to any and all performance issues (and their resolution) for those running Twenty Twenty-Two theme.

Leave a comment below if you have found, or have solved, similar on this theme, and flag up where you’d like me to look!

Want to get ahead of the crowd too and grab a look at the theme? Hit the official Github repo, here.

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