Does Jason Derulo Pronounce Doge Wrong?

I like nothing more than a very contemporary reference – for example, if I made a podcast, I’d probably do one about how amazing the movie Cocktail is – so today I am going to write about a song which was NEW about 5 months ago – Jason Derulo’s song Acapulco, which you can play below while you enjoy the rest of this post.

I was listening to music on Amazon while doing some work, and as sometimes happens, Amazon started spinning in stuff I haven’t actually selected… this track dropped in.

I don’t actually notice the music which is playing when I’m working deeply, but I took a moment of a breather and noticed that Derulo utters the following line:

Damn, that body
Dabble in Versace
Did I win the lottery
Or am I gonna pay?
Damn, you got me
Like bitcoin and like Doge
I'm rich with you beside me
'Cause you're not coin-based

When he says “Doge” he pronounces it like “Doh-jay” (as if the e at the end had an é for the linguists among us).

This led me to a stunning realisation… I’ve never actually heard anyone say the word “Doge” out loud, other than people who I now realise have literally zero authority on the subject…

So who is correct?

Me: I think doge is pronounced “dohj” (a little bit like the sound of the word “broach” but not quite – there’s nothing that rhymes with how I say doge)

Jason Derulo: Dogé

Leave your answer as a comment below. Reddit already did a bit of SMH on this subject, so I feel emboldened in my rightness.

Phhfft indeed!

3 thoughts on “Does Jason Derulo Pronounce Doge Wrong?”

  1. My latin friends – from both Italy and South America tell me there is a third option… “duh-geh” which I like.

    Not Dogé, not doge, but duh-geh (with a hard “g” as in gate, not a softer “g” as in giant).

  2. “Doge” in Italian is pronounced: do (as in “dong”) soft-g e (dʒə, as in “gerundive” and “genitive”).


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