What does tbh mean?

Have you seen someone write “tbh” somewhere online? Did this moment make you wonder “what’s TBH mean?” In this blog post, I’ll try to resolve the apparent mystery of what that person could possibly have meant.

Introduction: The Curious Case of “TBH”

Have you ever stumbled upon the acronym “TBH” while scrolling through your social media feeds and paused to wonder, “What does TBH mean?” If you’ve been baffled by this modern lexicon, fret not! This comprehensive article is designed to unravel the enigma surrounding TBH and its metamorphosis from an age-old expression of honesty to a nuanced Instagram currency.

The Origin Story: “To Be Honest”

To grasp the full scope of TBH, we need to go back to its roots. Originally, TBH was an acronym for the phrase “To Be Honest.” In the early days of internet lingo, this was a common shorthand for people to express a moment of candor or add extra emphasis to their statements. If someone said, “TBH, I didn’t enjoy the movie,” they were taking an extra step to stress that their opinion was an honest one, and perhaps, going against the grain of popular opinion.

Why “To Be Honest” in the First Place?

Interestingly, the phrase “To be honest,” in itself, often prompts questions. Does its usage imply that the speaker is generally dishonest and only now opting for truthfulness? Not quite. “To be honest” is more of an idiomatic expression that serves as conversational filler. It’s a way to emphasize that the statement which follows is significant or might not be what the listener expects. In the realm of written or online communication, abbreviating it to TBH serves the same purpose: to underscore the importance or unexpectedness of what is being shared.

TBH in the Age of Instagram: A New Social Currency

As with many other facets of language, TBH has evolved, taking on a life of its own in the world of social media, particularly Instagram. While it used to be that someone might comment “TBH, you look great!” on a friend’s selfie, the term has been truncated even further. Now you’ll often see solitary “TBH” comments or even the hashtag “#TBH” on photos.

The Instagram Economy of TBH

What once started as a straightforward comment has now become a form of social currency. On Instagram, when you leave a “TBH” on someone’s photo, it’s like entering an unspoken agreement. The underlying message often is, “I’ve acknowledged you; now it’s your turn to reciprocate.” This pattern bears resemblance to Twitter’s old #FF (Follow Friday) trend and even the reciprocal friend trends that originated on MySpace. Essentially, TBH has morphed into a method of sharing and re-sharing content— a modern form of networking.

The Generational Gap: What TBH Means Now vs. Then

Interestingly, this evolution of TBH has led to a divide, primarily along generational lines. While the original meaning of “To Be Honest” still holds value for many, a significant portion of younger social media users view TBH exclusively as a tool for reciprocal social engagement. In this light, leaving a “TBH” on someone’s Instagram photo isn’t an accolade of their attractiveness or a comment on the photo per se. Rather, it’s a tactical move, almost like saying, “Your move, buddy.”

Conclusion: The Fascinating Flexibility of Language

Isn’t it fascinating how a simple term can undergo such a dramatic transformation? From its beginnings as an acronym for an age-old phrase to its current status as a form of social capital on Instagram, TBH serves as an exemplar of the malleability and endless possibilities of language. Just like how older generations were puzzled by the fashion choices of the youth in the ’80s (remember Hush Puppies?), each era brings its own set of idioms and expressions that might seem “weird” to those not in the know.

FAQs about TBH

What did TBH originally mean?

Originally, the abbreviation TBH meant “to be honest”.

What does TBH mean now (on Instagram)?

Nowadays, if you see TBH on Instagram or another social media channel, it means “I have clicked like on your picture (or video), please come onto my channel, and reciprocate.” The full explanation is described here.

Got Comments? TBH you have!

Agree? Disagree? Does TBH have a new, even stupider (or more sensible) meaning, which has emerged in the many months since I wrote this post? Leave a comment below. It would, of course, be exceptionally hilarious and meta if you left a comment simply reading… TBH.

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