Leeds Vs West Ham Highlights EPL 2020/21

Enjoy highlights from the English Premier League 2020/21 clash between newcomers Leeds United and West Ham United.

Leeds Vs West Ham – Premier League 2020/21 Highlights

Highlights below are from Sky Sports, the official UK Premier League rights holders.

Match Review

Leeds were beaten at their Elland Road home, 2-1, by a well drilled West Ham outfit who moved up to fifth place in the league.

For Leeds, their honeymoon in the Premier League appears to have ended; they slid to 14th in the table.

The Hammers continued their much improved form this term under David Moyes, whose only complaint was VAR’s over-ruling of his goalkeeper’s penalty save for what was a marginal encroachment. Rules is rules, though, right?!

Personal view: VAR pinging a goalkeeper for being two centimetres off his line when a penalty kick is taken, or a player for offside when a smudge at the edge of his boot is sticking out (level is onside, after all) isn’t really in the spirit of football; no fan, player or club official minds if we set sensible tolerance for both offsides and encroachment (for example, if a keeper derives a clear advantage by taking a step forward, rather than being literally a stud’s width off his line).

It was a shame here that a good penalty save was overturned, just as it is a shame when an otherwise good goal, is pulled back because someone was able to split a hair, and find a striker’s armpit to be ahead of the defender’s body – by a millimetre.

Level is level. Fabianski’s feet were planted and he dived in what I (as a former at best bang-average amateur goalkeeper) would say was fair and straight manner. He should feel hard done by about that save. However, he could easily have received a red for the clear foul which led to the pen 😉

Leeds will want to cope better with set pieces, which caused them several problems in this match. West Ham were deserved winners on the night; and conversely, their coaching team will be happy with how they converted their set-pieces, which were bang on the money.

Premier League 2020/21 Table – December 11 2020

Below is how the league table looked at the end of this match.

5West Ham12520
7Man Utd10219
8Man City10618
11Crystal Palace11116
12Aston Villa9715
19West Brom11-156
20Sheff Utd11-131
Premier League 2020/21 table on Friday December 11th

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