Dark Mode Initiated

This website is now dark mode by default. Not because of any particular reason, other than because I wanted to put a change in place… If you are looking at this in dark mode, leave a comment below, or ping me on Slack and say something fun!

I’ve also been doing some performance enhancements… to make sure we have good Dark Mode Power under the hood, and that I will truly deserve to still be called the fastest website on the internet in 2021 too… check out the 100/100

100 / 100 from GTmetrix in Vancouver, Canada

The largest Contentful Paint (LCP) took 0.441 seconds, from a TTFB of 111ms. There was 0ms of render blocking action.

This is a 100% website you’re looking at, right here. The future. There’s an easter egg here, somewhere, if you look for it…

Update — Easter Egg?

It’s been brought to my attention that the Easter Egg is too vague for ordinary people. Below is an image which should help?

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