Vivid Seats Acquires in $240M Deal to Expand Entertainment Reach

In a strategic move to deepen its presence in the entertainment sector, online ticket exchange and resale company Vivid Seats Inc. has purchased

The acquisition, valued at $240 million in both cash and stock, was confirmed during Vivid Seats’ recent earnings call. The Chicago-based company, led by CEO Stan Chia, expressed confidence in the robust demand for live events, which prompted the expansion., an online travel agency that has been a go-to source for Las Vegas entertainment since its founding in 1998 by the Las Vegas Sun’s parent company, Greenspun Corp., was previously sold in 2015 to Remark Media for a considerably lower sum. This new acquisition by Vivid Seats is seen as a significant investment in the live entertainment market of Las Vegas, aligning with the company’s growth strategy and desire to enhance buyer loyalty.

Stan Chia of Vivid Seats recognized as a key asset to increase the company’s scale and presence in what could be considered the entertainment capital of the United States. This move follows their last quarter’s acquisition of Wavedash, marking a steady path toward broadening their market scope. The integration of’s offerings into Vivid Seats’ platform is expected to enrich the customer experience, providing seamless access to a vast array of live events and travel accommodations in Las Vegas.

The acquisition signifies a mutual drive toward capitalizing on the demand for live entertainment, with both companies set to benefit from the synergy. Vivid Seats aims to leverage’s established reputation and operational strengths to secure a significant position in the travel and entertainment industry, especially in a city known for its high volume of live shows and events.

As the transaction finalizes, the focus for Vivid Seats will be on enhancing their platform and services to meet the heightened expectations of today’s entertainment seekers, ensuring that the live event experience begins with an easy and efficient ticket purchasing process.

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