Last Minute UK Christmas Hamper Bargains

Grab 40% off a fantastic Christmas hamper in the week before Christmas 2022!

The past 2-3 years, we have been damned to live in interesting times, and the interesting times remain in online retail. This Q4 (AKA Christmas period – September to December – to normal people) we have seen a lot of very price conscious customers shopping online as consumers react to the rapidly rising cost of living in the UK and USA, where inflation is running at about 10% both sides of the Atlantic.

The Black Friday deals period this year was up on 2021 generally, with Barclaycard (and my clients and colleagues) collectively reporting marginal increases in their sales success in raw revenue terms.

But an interesting trend has emerged, and it is still here: bigger discounts are winning the day.

Full disclosure, I have a business relationship with the retailer who is offering the below deal, but I think it is a great example of the type of offer which really getting consumers excited this year.

Virginia Hayward Hampers is running a deep discount promotion on some it’s Christmas Hampers – with many, including an amazing £150 hamper, showing at 40% under a week before the big day.

As this is a last-minute Christmas offer, and we’re experiencing some logistical challenges in the UK with Royal Mail having been on strike, as well as railway workers, there’d also likely be some delivery anxiety in customers. You’d think?! To counter this, Virginia Hayward also offer an incredible offer to customers, which is that if your hamper (if booked “in time for Christmas”) is not delivered in time for Christmas, you’ll receive it completely free!

They call this their “Christmas Delivery Guarantee” and it’s a fantastic idea.

Like one of those “if your pizza doesn’t arrive in 30 minutes it is free” offers, this is a great incentive. You wouldn’t actually mind if it showed up on or after Boxing Day – it’s a FREE HAMPER!

Click here to see the deal.

Example Offer – 40% off Epicurean Hamper

A £1,000 family or corporate gift hamper, which is now just £600 (plus £50 delivery, for what is a huge hamper, including a whole ham, and 2 bottles of Bollinger! You’ll also spy a huge helping of smoked salmon, some nice red & white wine, a bottle of Taylor’s Port and much more – basically a Christmas Feast in a basket).

Click here for more information

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