Gourmet Indian Meals – Delivered via Mail in UK

I’m trying to post a little more frequently, and specifically, I’m trying to post a little more about the future of retail, particularly bearing in mind that recent times have seen this get very squarely dumped on us, with lockdowns happening around the world.

This is the UK section of my website – the information may be of global interest, but the products and services in this one are specifically UK focused.

Today, I’m going to talk about ordering meals online, and specifically Indian meals.

Now, this is something which has been around for several years.

I’m pretty sure I saw this (or something similar to this) demonstrated at Tastes of Yorkshire, a Yorkshire food event which took place at Ripon Racecourse. But now that takeaway food is falling into a “difficult to categorise as essential trip” space – for example, maybe you are one of the more than one million British people who are “shielding” from novel coronavirus – this is something I expect to see more of in future.

The concept?

Order delicious Indian food, which is delivered ready to put in your freezer, and consume within the next week or two.

Where to Order?

Order online from Chef Akila – click the button below to open in a new tab and get ordering.

Note I’m going to update this with a picture and/or video of their delicious products later. Leave a comment below if you’d like to see this.

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