Consumer Guides

I’ve written a few consumer guides aimed toward American people, primarily shopping online, because I deal with online retail each and every day.

Below are links to some of these guides. I’ll fill this out some more, over time.

There are a number of consumer websites out there, on the internet, but a lot of them can be biased, slow to load, cluttered, or, way too full of words (because SEO) to be considered useful.

I like to break things down into useful comparisons, so you can quickly find the right deal for you. I’m a spreadsheet guy. So if there’s a comparable metric, then I’ll put deals and offers into a relevant table, and let you, the consumer, decide which is best.

Utilities & Broadband

Commissions, Biases & More

Note, similar to comparison sites, you should consider it likely that, where these exist, I’ve added a referral link to any outbound link, pointing at a retailer, product or service. This allows me to be paid for producing free guides. If the price is the best price, then the retailer offering this wins out – and I’m more likely to see their deal if they’ve contacted me in advance.

I won’t add or include something just because they offer me a commission, nor will I leave out an offer (leave a comment if you find a better price on anything I’ve covered, and I’ll include your option in the table within a day – or as soon as I see your comment!).