“No code” and client services: developer, be less rockstar

Kelsey Hightower made the following excellent statements on “no code” (in relation to a wider discussion about serverless and Kubernetes, here which I highly recommend giving a listen to):

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Speed up your WooCommerce Store

A few days ago, a long post about speeding up WooCommerce went live @ the Silicon Dales website. Check it out at the link if you’re interested in some ways in which you can get some speed gains for a WooCommerce store (or WordPress site for that matter).

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Answered first question on Stack Exchange in nearly 5 years!

I just posted an answer onto Stack Exchange for the first time in nearly 5 years… you can find my WordPress Stack Exchange profile here, and as you can see, its named for Silicon Dales…

I wonder if they ever got around to setting up any kind of “teams” functionality!?

Guess I could post a question onto SE.