Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Since I made a post a number of years ago, half-jokingly referring to this, my personal blog, as the fastest website in the world, I’ve obviously invited an amount of scrutiny onto the performance of my own pages. I use this site to test bleeding edge things that clients – frankly – wouldn’t want to… Continue reading Mitigating High TTFB With Cloudflare

Dark Mode Initiated

This website is now dark mode by default. Not because of any particular reason, other than because I wanted to put a change in place… If you are looking at this in dark mode, leave a comment below, or ping me on Slack and say something fun! I’ve also been doing some performance enhancements… to… Continue reading Dark Mode Initiated

Leeds Vs West Ham Highlights EPL 2020/21

Enjoy highlights from the English Premier League 2020/21 clash between newcomers Leeds United and West Ham United. Leeds Vs West Ham – Premier League 2020/21 Highlights Highlights below are from Sky Sports, the official UK Premier League rights holders. Match Review Leeds were beaten at their Elland Road home, 2-1, by a well drilled West… Continue reading Leeds Vs West Ham Highlights EPL 2020/21

PHP 8 is Released!

Give thanks! For PHP 8.0.0 is here… released just 40 minutes ago, today, Thanksgiving Day. The official release notes are here.

Resolving Zoom error code 1132

I got a weird error with Zoom in the past week on a new PC – on which Zoom had been working fine, one moment, and then, failing with error code 1132.

Is Revolut in Trouble?

Revolut home page screenshot

Up until a few weeks ago, I was recommending Revolut and Revolut Business as good “challenger bank” accounts, owing to their fee-free and near-instant transactions, virtual cards, and a range of other services which made them a compelling financial technology. However, in recent weeks, I’ve had cause to slowly step away from the service, for… Continue reading Is Revolut in Trouble?