Should you run your eCommerce business on Amazon, Etsy or WooCommerce?

Amazon and Etsy are a great, low impact, place to dip your toe into the eCommerce waters, but if you have long term plans, running your own store will ultimately become more profitable and give you more flexibility. Here, I dig into what you might want to consider, around some key topics:

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The Power of Screencast Videos

Screencast videos are a really powerful way of demonstrating web development issues to clients. Whether showing the impact of changes from back-end to front-end or from third party tools like Pingdom, clients love to see behind the curtain – but ideally in an explainer video lasting no more than 10 minutes.

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TLDR: Cheltenham Festival 2019 Tips

Okay, so there’s a great big huge (tautology, yum) Cheltenham Festival 2019 Tips item online at LBP…

But for those of you with normal human attention spans, maybe you just want a tip for each race at Chelters? Read on below.

No more waffle. Just free tips!

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Video: Giggs “Fire in the Booth” (Part 4)

This is entirely Not Safe For Work. If you are offended by the C-bomb, don’t play the video. If the F-bomb bothers you, then likewise, move it along. If the N-Bomb grinds your gears, again, don’t play this.

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Easy Invoicing & Accounts for Freelancers and Agencies

I’m regularly in touch with a coterie of around 250 specialist developers over at Codeable and a common pinch-point for their freelancing activities outside the platform is finding an easy way to invoice clients and keep track of payments. Indeed, it’s why Codeable is preferable for many.

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