WooCommerce 3.5.1 Released

Since I missed and didn’t mention when 3.5.0 hit the streets, last night WooCommerce did a spooky halloween release (31 October, no ghouls in the code 🙂 ) of version 3.5.1.

Find all the details in the official release notification, and as always, test updates in staging first, but happy WooCommerce-ing!

You need this BEFORE WordPress 5.0 Lands

One thing to note is you need to have this version before you upgrade to (the forthcoming) WordPress 5.0 – because this release contains vital compatibilities. In other words, get your Woo store up to 3.5.1 ASAP so you can go to WP 5.0 when it hits the streets.

(WordPress 5.0 RC is now OUT!)

The RC is now out for WordPress 5.0, so you can test all this in a staging site somewhere. But remember, its only a Release Candidate, so should not be used in production… but do test in order to find if you have any killer issues brewing. In my testing, this doesn’t feel like its going to raise a lot of tickets, but, in any case, its wise to test if you have a spare moment (!). I know. Rare.

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