It will take as long as it takes

In a recent Slack chat with some fellow developers, there were certain tasks (like server moves encompassing upgrades to PHP 7, for example) which are not easy to specify in terms of how long the task may take.

Because most of my references these days come from the mouth of a two year old child – or some TV show or other she happens to be blasting out and repeating often… this reminded me of Mr Bull from Peppa Pig, who says hilariously (the first time, not the 76th) “It will take as long as it takes” in relation to some roadworks.

A little bit like Stewart Lee, I don’t do anything these days: I drive around, I look after kids. So in lieu of a blog post today, here is a direct link to the exact time when Mr Bull has this exchange with Mr and Mrs Pig (aka Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig) and does his little council worker routine.


P.S. I’m pretty sure this episode, which I discovered, but did not upload, is a heinous breach of copyright, and so it will probably a) show ads; and b) may not display in your country or region. The makers of Peppa Pig want to receive the full benefit of having come up with the Mr Bull it will take as long as it takes routine. They even turned down an offer from ITV to buy their company for £1Billion. True story.

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