Video: Giggs “Fire in the Booth” (Part 4)

This is entirely Not Safe For Work. If you are offended by the C-bomb, don’t play the video. If the F-bomb bothers you, then likewise, move it along. If the N-Bomb grinds your gears, again, don’t play this.

I posted Giggs Fire in the Booth a long time ago, as an example of the best of the genre, back when Charlie Sloth’s show was on BBC 1Xtra. Later, I posted FITB part 3, as that was good too. So, here is Part 4…

Charlie Sloth has moved to Apple Music

Now Sloth has moved to Apple Music, and comes from the Beats 1 Studio, in London.

They’ve stopped censoring the tracks. Giggs goes in. He drops the bomb. And a lot of swearing, as he lights up the booth.

The Video – Giggs “Fire in the Booth (Part 4)”

Like the new format for FITB?

Leave a comment below. But this is not YouTube: here, you say something stupid & get deleted before it ever goes public. All killer, no filler. Thanks.

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I posted a Mark Ronson music video to get the Music section started here. Ronson won an Oscar a few weeks ago. It’s pretty obvious when someone is operating on a different level.

In sport, I saw after two matches what Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was doing at Man Utd; the run they have gone on since then is ridiculous – they came back from a massive deficit at PSG last week.

Quality. It’s what the people want.

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