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Before I get into this one, I’ll first define “WordPress Maintenance” and what I consider this to mean.

The Automobile Maintenance Analogy

I love an analogy, because they help to explain concepts…

Vehicle maintenance – you know what this is, right? When you maintain your automobile and keep it on the road. It’s not all “a mechanic’s job” is it? I mean, you have to keep air in the tyres, check the oil, fill up the wiper fluid, maybe give the car a wash. These routine maintenance tasks are kind of “your job” if you are a vehicle owner.

The same thing applies to any website, and WordPress is no different. Your WordPress website requires some maintenance to keep things running along smoothly.

Outsourcing This

If you don’t want to do these things, you would probably want to get someone else to take care of this. This is where the “outsource” thing comes in. Outsource, means to source something from “outside” of your organization. In this case, we’re talking about WordPress maintenance.

Where can you get Maintenance for WordPress?

So where can you do this? Well, in this case, you’re really in a good place, on my website, as I am a full time WordPress developer, and specifically, I offer maintenance services. I also setup and work for a specialist technical agency who provides this service for larger businesses.

Take your pick from the options below:

Get WordPress Maintenance Services for Your Business

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