NFL Week 15 Highlights

As I regularly post highlights of soccer, and other sports, I thought I’d take a departure this week and post something for my American cousins, some Gridiron.

If you like this format, leave a comment at the bottom of this post, and I’ll post roundups more frequently in future.

Official NFL Highlights

The highlights in this post are collected from and embedded from the official NFL YouTube channel. Go subscribe to them. I put them all together in one post, so you can quickly jump from game to game, and see all the highlights here in one, ad-free, post, which loads quickly on desktop, tablet and mobile… that simple!

Bills v Steelers

Falcons v 49ers

Rams v Cowboys

Browns v Cardinals

Vikings v Chargers

Jaguars v Raiders

Top Catches from Week 15

To conclude, a nice package of highlights from all the week’s action, to include only the top catches. Enjoy!

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