How to Setup a WooCommerce store with Wholesale prices

This is something which is a quite common request, particularly with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and other serious businesses, who are increasingly turning to WordPress & WooCommerce as their enterprise-grade software solution, owing to it’s lack of vendor lock-in and flexibility.

With WooCommerce, you get to own all your own data; and your store; and you can move things around any time. Importantly, you can extend and add features you want quickly and easily.

Okay – Enough with the intros… let’s get into it!

Wholesale Prices for WooCommerce

My good buddy Saad Iqbal of, and several others, is a serial entrepreneur putting a lot of energy into the WordPress and WooCommerce space, so it was no surprise to me that his business was one of the first to properly nail wholesale pricing for WooCommerce, with the following plugin, which is avvailable to purchase as an official WooCommerce extension:

How to use this extension

  1. Purchase the official extension from (here)
  2. Download and install the extension to your Woo store
  3. Setup a WooCommerce role (or multiple roles if you would like to have tiered pricing)
  4. Setup your registration forms
  5. Setup your pricing rules – these can be percentage or fixed price discounts, and can be set per product.

This allows you to set a different discount for your wholesale customers. Or, if you have different types of wholesale customer (resellers and distributors, or retailers and wholesalers, etc) you can add multiple. There’s actually no limit to the number of “tiers” though most OEMs want 1 or 2 additional pricing rules.

NOTE – you can also setup bulk quantities which must be met to meet minimum wholesale orders to unlock discounts, and wholesale prices do not display to ordinary customers, both of these are commonly requested features for any store offering a wholesaler discount.

Video Guide – Setting up wholesale prices

The following 4 minute video should show you everything you need to know:

Where to download?

I’ve added a button below, pointing to the official source for this plugin.

More WooCommerce help and support?

Are you looking for more generalised WooCommerce help and support? Consider getting in touch with my business Silicon Dales.

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