Robin Scott (male human in vest, shirt and tie)
Robin Scott

Welcome to the US English home of my personal website!

I’m Robin J.E. Scott, a WordPress and WooCommerce specialist.

Here in my website, I talk about a lot of things from web development, to music and sports. I’m a technologist.

As well as working on web devvelopment projects for people around the world (very regularly for clients in the US of A), I also produce a series of Consumer Guides and host some tools, like my internet speed test page.

Hire Me

I’m available for hire for a variety of consulting and development roles. I am an optimizer and problem solver, mostly in a WordPress and Open Source context.

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Latest US English Posts

I translate (some of) my posts into US English, which allows me to make comments specific to the US of A, and therefore, I don’t show you irrelevant information (European or British things) and also, you won’t see horrible UK English spellings, like “colour” instead of “color” 🙂

The latest US English posts are below.