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Looking to hire a WordPress developer for your next US-based WP project? Consider booking Robin Scott. See below for some reasons why.

Hire an expert WordPress Developer

I know, right! What sort of person calls him or herself an “expert”. Well, apparently I have been categorized as an expert, at least in a WordPress context. So please understand, it was not my terminology, I just grabbed it with both hands, when Codeable called me an expert,  then wrote a page about myself…

Anyhow, this page describes a little about why that’s somewhat okay, I hope…

Over 11 Years of WordPress Experience

Because the WordPress project recently enjoyed its 15th birthday, we see more and more people claiming “over a decade” of experience with WordPress. That’s great. I am happy to say I am one of these people. Really importantly, because, well, people can say things without showing evidence, you can see that I have had a WordPress.org profile since May 2 2007, here. Below is a screengrab of the relevant part.

Robin Scott, WordPress.org profile

My Ratings from all time

Working individually, as a WordPress consultant or developer, via the Codeable platform, I have an average rating of from completed tasks.

You can see the most recent reviews below.

Some recent, real life, ratings

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Hire me for your WordPress task

Hire Me

This page is for people looking to hire a WordPress developer. You can click the button above to send me a “preferred task” on Codeable. The primary benefit of this method is that, if I am unable to fulfil your request, I would be able to throw this open to my colleagues there – around 300 of them – who are correctly described as “the top 2% of WordPress developers“.

Larger projects requiring multiple developers

In addition, if you’d like to book more than one developer for your project, think about talking to my business at Silicon Dales, where you may hire WordPress developers for your business projects.

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Why Use WordPress for your Project?

More likely than not, you’re already convinced of the flexibility and freedom offered by WordPress (otherwise, why would you be here, evaluating a WordPress developer for your project?!), but I would like to spend a little time to think about “why WordPress”? Feel free to skip this section if you’re already 100% decided.

WordPress powers over 32% of the web

This number, which is basically rising and rising, is oft cited. But why is this important? Well, supply and demand. This large number of websites using WordPress means there is significant demand for people who are skilled at making it just so. As a result, there are a lot of people paid varying amounts of money to work on WordPress websites, and therefore many developers are familiar and skilled at working on WP sites.

Ready access to skilled developers mean running a business project based in WordPress gives you options when it comes to choosing and replacing developers. This is a Good Thing for businesses.

Where I fit in this landscape

For my part, I am at the top end in terms of experience and pay scales. I am based in the UK, which is a relatively expensive place to live and work, and I am also highly experienced working with large and mission critical WordPress sites, specifically up to and mostly including some element of eCommerce.

As a native English speaker, I am able to oversee projects requiring larger teams, including those which utilise developers in other parts of the world, with lower levels of experience, operating lower on the pay scale.

For this reason, much of my time is spent engaging with clients and other WordPress developers to build larger projects, over at Silicon Dales. In a personal capacity, I am available to be hired as a WordPress Consultant, which is a service I feel has great value to businesses looking to make a move into – or within – WordPress who would like an objective appraisal of the marketplace right now.