GDPR Compliance Consultant – USA

A lot of US based businesses in the Open Source space don’t have a great understanding of the terms of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). For those businesses, I can offer a lot of insight.

I’m a legally trained Open Source developer who works around 50:50 with clients in the US vs EU. I therefore deal regularly with the issues these clients can face implementing and interpreting these regulations, which appear, on the face of them, to carry heavy fines for behavior which would be regarded as “normal” in the USA.

I have been commissioned to write Codes of Conduct, rules and guidelines specifically for Open Source developers to help them to understand their role as Data Processors in a post GDPR world.

Contact me if you’d like this for your business or development team, to assist with your compliance effort for a US based business, particularly if you use Open Source technologies in some or all of that business.